Online lecture course Culture & Creativity


EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme



Online lecture course Culture & Creativity


EU-Eastern Partnership Culture & Creativity Programme is an educational project for cultural managers and activists from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, and Moldova. It included practical advice on cultural management from international experts.


  • Production and postproduction of video lectures for the online courses Culture & Creativity and promotional videos for them;
  • Creating graphics: for videos, study materials on the website, and printed booklets. Illustrations for the project were made by Lera Sxemka. 


Over the course of one and a half year, we created 15 online courses (60 educational videos overall), as well as nine promotional videos for them. As a result, more than 12 000 cultural managers have taken online studying, and around 4 000 of them have passed the test and received certificates.