Live music videos DEINDE




Live music videos DEINDE


For DEINDE (the name stands for SOMEWHERE ELSE in Ukrainian) project we created live music videos of Ukrainian bands in unusual locations. It is an analogue of Take Away Show by French formation La Blogothèque. The main characteristic of the project is that music of the artist resonates with the place of recording.

In this way, we produced live music videos for «Вагоновожатые» band (the name stands for ‘tram-drivers’) in tram depot, Pianoboy in airplane shed, Sinoptik on a Kyiv rooftop, and Vivienne Mort in the greenhouse.

This project was carried by our team while working for Hromadske Culture department at media.


Over 250 000 views on YouTube, about 20 mentions of the project in media and 100 bands applying to participate.



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