Music documentary «Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven»





Music documentary «Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven»


A whole generation grew up with the music of Ukrainian rock band Dymna Sumish. It brought not only energetic concerts with slams and crashed guitars, but also ideas: of propaganda resistance, vegetarianism, abstinence from alcohol and drugs. But in 2012, the band was put on hold, and its frontman Sasha Chemerov moved to Los Angeles. Musicians got back together in the summer of 2017 and gave a series of powerful shows.

«Dymna Sumish: Between Hell and Heaven» is a movie about the comeback, friendship, and rock’n’roll. The film includes interviews with band members, concert footage from different periods and live performances, specially shot for the movie. 

And although the band split up at the beginning of 2018, we believe that its story and legacy still matter. 


In the course of making a movie we managed these tasks:

  • To organize shooting of live music videos on a barge floating down the Dnipro river and film four songs for the movie;
  • To shoot concerts in several cities;
  • To interview each of the band members in locations, significant to them or band’s history;
  • To find and digitalize archive photos and videos.


The film premiered on November 24th in one of the central movie theatres in Kyiv with a sold out and additional screening the next day. The documentary received many reviews from journalists and musicians, and in January 2018 was shown by «Planeta kino» cinema network in Lviv, Odesa, Kharkiv and Kyiv.


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