Music lives for Michael Shchur show


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Music lives for Michael Shchur show


Satire show «#@)₴?$0 with Michael Shchur» started in 2015. It gained broadcasting on several TV channels, including First National TV channel, 24 channel, Hromadske, as well as YouTube channel Toronto TV (167 000 followers). For the season starting in September 2017, authors added the format of live music performances to the show.


  • Develop a concept and implementation for 35 live studio performances of Ukrainian bands.
  • Provide full production of music live videos — starting with artist selection by a musical editor and setting up logistics for the shooting, and ending with postproduction.


We filmed music of various genres — darkwave, folktronica, progressive rock, freak cabaret etc. We introduced many young musicians, and made videos with renowned Ukrainian bands — DakhaBrakha, Stoned Jesus, Dakh Daughters.  

Together, these music videos gained over 1 000 000 views on YouTube and Facebook, as well as TV viewership.


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