Promo videos for Mystetskyi Arsenal exhibitions


Mystetskyi Arsenal




Promo videos for Mystetskyi Arsenal exhibitions


Mystetskyi Arsenal is national cultural and museum complex, one of the major art locations of Kyiv and Ukraine. In 2017, its new marketing team decided to use video more actively for promotional purposes.


  • Create promotional videos for exhibitions and projects of Mystetskyi Arsenal. These included Festival of Young Ukrainian Artists, Book Arsenal, exhibitions «Imaginary Guide: Japan», «BOICHUKISM. A project of “grand style”», «FLASHBACK. Ukrainian media art of the 1990s» etc.
  • Make a video to present Mystetskyi Arsenal at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017.


Over the course of a year, we created 12 videos. Work process included a full range of services: from idea and script preparation to shooting, editing and making animated graphics. Our team developed 9 classical promo videos, 2 educational videos about artists of Boichukist school, and one animated promo — for the Arsenal of Ideas Educational Festival.

These 12 videos got more than 400 000 views and over 600 shares on Facebook.

In 2019, our collaboration continues.


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